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     An Introduction

Shahdadpur is a city in Sindh, a province of Pakistan. It is located at 27°51'N and 67°64'E. The historical city of al-Mansura is situated about 19 km south-east of Shahdadpur. The shrines of Sohni and Mehinwal, from the Sohni Mahiwal story, are located in and near to the city, the shrine of Sohni is near to the city whilst that of Mehinwal is in the centre of the city. Shahdadpur has four union councils. It is one the major cities of district Sanghar. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (whose shrine is about 10 km from Shahdadpur in Bhit Shah) immortalised their love through his poetry particularly in the context of passion and affection.


In a recent study Dr.N.A.Baluch,an eminent historian, scholar and former Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University has proved that Mir Shahdad Khan founded Shahdadpur during the years 1125A.H.-1128A.H (1713-1715). In an 1116A.H (1704) document Mir Shahdad Khan is referred to as "Riffat Panah" meaning His Eminence. The document shows that Mir Shahdad Khan not only had barren lands cultivated but also provided security to the populace by ridding the region of dacoits (thieves). He established new norms for the sharing of produce between the owners and tillers. Mir Shahdad Khan had old canals and waterways renovated and also extended them. He had new canals dug as well and that was how he established the new settlement of Shahdadpur.

Shahdadpur is also called "The city of seven saints". These seven saints were brothers to each other. They migrated to here from Bukhara so as they are called Bukhari.

City and People:

People living in Shahdadpur belong to different races and communities such as Marwari, Rajput, Quershi, Baloch, and many sindhi communities. Majority of the people living in the city are Urdu speaking while the huge number of sindhi speaking live in the villages near to the city. The huge number of Punjabi speakers also lives in the city and neary by villages.


U can view the Location of Shahdadpur situated in Sindh Pakistan. U can click + given to the upper left corner of the Map for zoom in as well as - for zoom out. Also u can click four aerrows to direction the Map. U can drag the pointer in any area of the Map inside to move your desired location. 
U can view satellite Map to views the photo of air satellite taken by NASA and also u can Hybride the Map to mention the Road names of the location.
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